Split Personality

So, I haven’t written a post on this blog in nearly two years. What a crazy year was the last real one, and so much has changed since then that it’d be hard to summarize. However, that’s not necessarily what this post is about.

Lately I’ve had a real urge to get back into blogging. I don’t always have time to sit and write novels, but I do find chances here and there where I can put a few thoughts out. For example, I have three draft posts on JavaScript topics and one on what it’s like to be a new parent (there’s something drastically different in the time since the last post), but the thing is, the audiences for those topics are drastically different.

Navel gazing regarding blogging isn’t new for me. Really, my concern is crossing the streams. I suspect I still have some family and friends who’d like to read the personal stuff but don’t know what a closure is, while others would be potentially interested to read my technical thoughts but could care less about my child’s latest developmental milestone.

This blog is personal and there’s a lot of old old content in it, and I’ve considered gutting it before and am considering it again, because of the two dozen domains I own, it’s still probably my favorite one and will always feel like home, but I feel bad causing linkrot.

I created brianarn@github the last time I got this urge, and that was a fun experiment with Octopress, but something about having it be a subdomain of GitHub feels a bit funny or odd. I’ve considered buying a domain or using one of the handful of variations on my name that I already own, but then it feels like maybe I’m fragmenting my web presence or whatever.

So, I figure, I’ll reach out this time. What do people think? If you have similar issues, how do you handle it? Separate blogs? Categories? Whoever you are, if you know me and you’ve read this, in particular if you have some experience in this area, please let me know. I know some people just mix it all up, and I’d be open to that, but it feels like I really need to segregate topics in some way and I’m just not sure how best to do that.