Moving Forward

As 2011 closes, we’re excited to be taking up leadership of Webuquerque, however, there have been some recent statements made about the Webuquerque leadership transition that we feel merit a response.

While all parties involved worked hard at the transition process, some things were not as smooth as they could have been. That being said, the hiccups in the transition process have not negatively impacted the presentations or events in any way.

We have nothing but the utmost respect for Emily Lewis and Jason Nakai, the Webuquerque founders. They have created an absolutely amazing community that we are all incredibly honored to be a part of, and proud to help move forward and grow. Our sincere thanks goes out to Emily and Jason for their hard work and the wonderful wealth of information they passed onto us to keep things going strong. We look forward to the continued involvement of Jason and Emily in the Webuquerque community.

We all love and are committed to this community. It has become something very unique and special to all who are involved, helping us improve our craft and our professional relationships. We hope that as Webuquerque moves into 2012 and beyond, the community will continue to be supportive and help Webuquerque grow in size and influence. Thank you!

Brian Arnold, Ben Byrne, Zerek Welz