About Me

Hi! I'm Brian Arnold Sinclair. This is my horribly-designed site because I'm a terrible designer. I'm continuously working on something different, but this is what I have for now.

I'm a software engineer in the southwest US, working JavaScript for a living. I have a beautiful wife and have for over 15 years now, and we have a cute little boy and two adorable puppies. Life is pretty great.

Someday I'll actually get back to this thing and make it less terrible, but it is what it is for now.

"Recent" posts

Check out the full list of posts if you really want to go digging.

Other Places I'm at

  • @brianarn on Twitter — probably the easiest way to reach me, though that username at Gmail also works - y'know, if you like email.
  • My blog which is old and a little stale except maybe the last one or two posts.
  • Me on Facebook — I typically don't add people I don't really know, but if you know me and I know you, friend me maybe? I post pictures of my kid and more personal stuff here.
  • Photos on Flickr, which I'll likely be using more since they've gotten pretty awesome in their last update.
  • My repos on Github, which are mostly half-finished, but you can also find the full source to my labs and blog(s) on there. Mostly JavaScript because that's what I love these days, and likely will for a long time.
  • My YouTube profile — not that I ever really post video, but hey, I mentioned that I don't have brianarn there, so I figured I should link it.
  • I've often on freenode. My username there is brianarn, but if you've read this far you likely knew that.
  • Typically, anywhere that a username is involved, I'm brianarn - except YouTube, someone beat me there, and AIM (had it, but had to give it up when I quit working for AOL)