Moving into Octopress

So, some months ago, I set up a new blog on GitHub because I wanted to play around with Jekyll, and I spent some time making it look half decent. It wasn’t bad (okay, yes it was) and it worked and then I got lazy and haven’t done much with it.

Then a few days ago, Rebecca Murphey wrote up a post about her recent shift to Octopress, which is basically a nice framework for Jekyll. It sets up some nice themes and uses Sass to make it super easy to customize the really beautiful layout.

I hopped into the #octopress channel on freenode, asked a question or two, got immediate responses, and basically I was able to move my _posts directory from before into the Octopress setup. It’s built to deploy to GitHub Pages as well, meaning it was ridiculously easy to get the “new” site up.

Of course, I wrote all of two blog posts before, but Octopress has a few niceties to make blogging a bit smoother. It’s very easy to pull in code snippets for display, including from gists. I wonder how hard it’d be to make a jsFiddle plugin…